Athlete of the Week

Oct. 30, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

Tasha Weishahn

What are your reads and what do you look for when do you decide to use the `dump' play?
"Well, it depends on if all the hitters are up on time and everything is flowing well and when everything is perfect, and I know that their blockers are on our middle hitters, then I'll make the decision to dump it because their defenders are ready for our hitters and their blockers are ready to block."

Where is the toughest place for you to play and who is your biggest rival?
"I would say CSU, because they have a lot of crazy fans and they like to yell at us. Our rival would probably be CSU as well, because they are so close and our border state, so definitely CSU. "

What song is playing on your iPod right now?
"My favorite song right now is probably by Heartland and it's called, `I loved her first'. It's kind of mushy, I know, but I like it."

What is your favorite TV show?
"I love all reality TV shows."

What's your favorite way to celebrate after a big win?
"I love playing home matches and winning here because my family is all here and we go out and eat dinner and hang out. But, if we lose at home, then it's usually go back home to the apartment and be a bum basically."

Soda or sports drink?
"Definitely sports drink. I've got to stay away from pop in college."

What's on your sub sandwich at Subway?
"Oh gosh, at Subway, I'm very plain. Ham, cheese and mayo on wheat bread and that's it."