Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 9, 2007


Lauren Whitney

What is your major and how is school going?
"I'm majoring in animal science with a pre-vet option. School has been going good. It's been really interesting. I've been taking a livestock reproduction class and I got to artificially enciminate a pig. It was pretty crazy! That's probably been my favorite class."

Any idea what direction you want to go with that degree?
"Maybe go to vet school, maybe not. I don't know yet. It's just something I'm interested in."

What has been your favorite part of the college atmosphere so far?
"I think just the excitement of it all. I like going to football games and basketball games, and just being part of that culture. All of the school spirit and everyone being so excited for athletics."

Tell us about the horse that you brought with you to Wyoming.
"His name is Kuda and he is a bay quarter horse. Dark brown with black legs. I've had him for a little over two years now. I usually get to see him on Sundays, our day off. He is staying at a ranch just off of Hwy 287."

Are you looking forward to the offseason and getting to ride more often?
"Yeah definitely. There are a lot of really cool trails that I haven't been able to ride yet, so I'm looking forward to that."

Is there a match from this season that sticks out in your memory more than others?
"They are starting to all run together, but I'd have to say one that sticks out was the Utah Valley State match, our first one of the season. That was a really cool experience for me because it was my first career match and I started. We won in five games and it was really exciting."

Tell us how dorm life has been as a freshman.
"I live in Ord Hall and my roommate is Jenna Arneson who is also on the team. It's not that bad, but every once in awhile I start to go a little crazy staring at the same four walls. That's why I like to go out and ride my horse or go for a walk."

What about the food at Washakie?
"I'm actually okay with it. Some nights they have some pretty good stuff. For cafeteria food I think it's pretty good. Every morning I get yogurt, granola and whatever fruit they have out. Pineapple or peaches or whatever. If nothing else looks good then I'll get a sandwich."

What's your take on the PA nickname you have at home matches, 'Roarin' Lauren Whitney'?
"I think it's really funny the way he says it. I feel like a giant, Rrrrrr!"

Have you ever had any other nicknames?
"In high school I was 'Lo-lo, B-go-go'. I got it my freshman year and it just kind of stuck. I got just 'Lo' a lot too."

If you had to give yourself a nickname, what would it be?
"Well, some people have called me 'Giggles' before, or 'Smiles'. I guess those would be pretty fitting."

Since you do smile a lot, do you think the phrase 'Smile because it makes people wonder what you're up to' is true?
"Probably, but I guess I've never really thought about that."

With as hard as you hit the ball, have you ever felt bad about hitting someone or do you try and hit them?
"I don't try to hit them, but if it happens that's okay. I do a little cringe, but it's part of the game."

To win a game and get point 30, would you take a big kill, big block or an ace?
"A big block feels pretty good. In fact that happened recently against UNLV. It was pretty cool. You don't get straight down blocks very often."

What was the last CD you purchased?
"The 'Dashboard Confessional' CD."