Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 10, 2009


Makenzie Bartsch

Has the adjustment to college life been difficult while playing so much volleyball in your first semester?
"It has been hard being away from home and my family but my team has become an extended family and I am having a lot of fun playing so much volleyball. I love this sport! Even though some of the hours get long this is a dream come true."

If you could play any other sport at UW what would it be?
"I have played a ton of basketball in my life so competitively that would be my first choice. If I were to try a new sport though I have heard inner tube water polo is really fun!"

What are three sites on the internet you have bookmarked and visit the most frequently?
"Probably the home page for my online class right now, and then Facebook and the UW sports site."

Have you ever counted the number of pronghorn antelope you've seen while driving from Casper to Laramie?
"I think that there are too many to count! I usually only remember the number that run out into the road that I have almost hit and that number is always high!"

If you could measure the speed of the volleyball with a radar gun, which member of your team hits the ball the hardest?
"I think it is a tie between Dani, Jodi and Whit (Lauren)."

Did you ever think you would play on a college team with two other players from Casper and another from Cheyenne?
"Not in a million years! Emily and I have been opponents for so long it never crossed my mind being on the same team as her especially but I love having so many people from Wyoming on the team. It makes us even more passionate about playing for our home state."

What was the last event you went to at the Casper Events Center?
"I have not been to the Event Center for a long time; I think that last time I was there was when I played in the State Basketball tournament last spring."

If you could add something to the sport of college volleyball what would it be?
"I think that it would be really cool to have an offensive specialist that, like the libero in the back row on defense, stays in the front row for all rotations and gets to swing at the ball and block the whole game. And if we did add that I would want the specialist to be me!"

Have you ever intentionally thrown a small, promotional volleyball at the opposing team during pregame player introductions?
"Well once in a while it just "slips" out of my hand. I just can't help it! I enjoy seeing the other team jump around a little and it gives my team and the crowd a good laugh."

What's your favorite winter activity?
"Sitting in front of a fire! I am not a huge fan of being cold but I actually love just going on walks outside when there is no wind, although that is a rare day in Wyoming."

What's your favorite summer activity?
"Every morning during the summer I get up and go run with my mom on the Bridle Trail on Casper Mountain. It is absolutely beautiful and I have pictures of the trail on my computer because during the winter I miss it so much."

Is there any story behind the No. 24 that you wear?
"My grandpa, Floyd Volker, played on the UW basketball team that won the NCAA National Championship in 1943 and he wore number 24. He was an amazing man and is one of my heroes so I wear this number for him and I hope it brings me just as much luck here at UW."

What is your worst personal habit?
"Popping my fingers; I don't do it often but it is something I would like to stop."

What was the best Halloween costume you saw this year?
"I think that it was Jessica Kagarise's costume. She was a rocker and she went all out! With fake tattoo sleeves and a fake lip ring I think she scared people a little but it was one of the best costumes I have ever seen!"

What are the advantages to being 6'2"? Disadvantages?
"Well there are obviously huge advantages in sports and I love being able to see over crowds. The disadvantages though are that I have a really hard time finding clothes and shoes and shopping often is very frustrating. It is also very, very hard to find boys that are taller than me."