Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 11, 2005


Tasha Weishahn

What would you attribute the team's recent turnaround to?
"We finally figured out how to win a game. We're all playing together and just having a lot more fun together. Not playing together before and having so many young members; it was tough, but we're having fun now."

The setter position is often regarded as the "anchor" position in volleyball; what is like knowing that you play a key role for your team?
"I love it. In basketball I was always the point guard and in volleyball I was always the setter. I sometimes feel like I take on a role of a captain, but because this team is so young, we're all captains and we all have to step up and take that role. We have no senior leadership this year, so we all step up. It's great being a setter and getting to touch the ball pretty much every play. I love it."

You are playing two big games this weekend against top ranked BYU and Utah. Is the preparation any different leading up to two games of this caliber?
"We go into every game preparation the same. It's not really about what the other teams are doing; it's about what we do in order to win. As long as we play our game and stay within our system, we'll be fine."

You're from Beatrice, a small town in Nebraska. How was the transition from small town volleyball to Division-IA volleyball for you to handle?
"Playing high school ball in a small town, 13,000, is a lot different than playing D-1 now. I love the high level of competition and fast play. That's just what I live for. I love this sport. So I was excited to come and play at this level. I always played club-level volleyball in the summers and this is kind of how it was; the fast pace. This is so much better though."

Many people have commented on your competitive nature. Where does it come from?
"Just growing up, most of my aunts played volleyball at the D-1 level. My family is just a very competitive family. Everything we do, we compete. I guess it was just the way I was raised. I hate to lose; all those girls from the other teams, I don't want to lose to them. Losing sucks and you just have to step out there and try to win every time."

How long did it take you to get acclimated to traveling all the time and staying on top of your school work at the same time?
"At first it was really tough. I would get behind here and there, but in the pre-season this year I tried to do all of my work ahead of time and get way ahead so I wouldn't have to struggle. The middle of the season is a little tougher because we are gone sometimes 2 or 3 times a week, so it's difficult, but I do my best."

You injured your ankle a while back; how have you progressed through that?
"I'm 100% ready to go. It was tough sitting out on the sidelines and watching. I'm not one that likes to sit on the sidelines. Carl, the trainer, helped me a lot. He got me back in a week or week and a half. So yeah, everything is going well."