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Nov. 11, 2010


Athlete of the Week

Barbara Lasic

Is there a favorite Wyoming fan you always look forward to seeing at volleyball games?
"Roy. He is at every single game and I love it. I like when he wears his football helmet."

What would fans be surprised to know about Livno, Bosnia?
"It has the biggest fake lake in Europe."

What is your favorite aspect about playing in the UniWyo Sports Complex?
"Our fans and the atmosphere. They make our team even better."

How did you end up coming to UW?
"Coach Tony saw me play at a tournament while I was in junior college and after meeting the coaches and team, I loved it and decided to come here."

Do you have any plans after you graduate this year?
"I will probably go to grad school."

What do you like most about living in Wyoming?
"I like the people here."

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
"I do not. I usually just like to calm myself down."

Who on the team has the weirdest pre-game rituals?
"Calli and Jody. They always sing one particular song and after that they have "Tex and Purd-dog" cheer."

Which member of your team hits the ball the hardest?
"Whit-I think because she eats too many protein bars."

Who do you throw your promotional volleyball to during starting line-ups?
"I usually try to throw it to people I know."

What would fans be surprised to know about Coach Yerty?
"Our coach has really long toes and she can pick up stuff with them."

What is your favorite place you have traveled to play volleyball?
"Boston and Rhode Island."

Did you dress up as anything for Halloween?
"Emily, Camille and I were three blind mice."

As a senior, what advice or knowledge would you give your teammates or incoming freshman after this season?
"Probably just to work hard and know that our team is good."