Athlete of the Week Archive

Nov. 17, 2008


JennaRae Jester

With the excessive hitting involved in volleyball, what do you do to keep your hands from getting torn up?
"My other volleyball roommates and I sit around after practice and give each other hand massages where we work out all the kinks in our fingers and get a chance to relax our hand muscles from a long, hard days work."

Do you like rally scoring or the old way of scoring better?
"Definitely rally scoring. It helps the games move at a quicker pace so that they're not so boring. Plus I think the crowd appreciates the faster, higher scoring."

If you could give yourself a nickname what would it be?
"I'd have to stick with the nickname I have now, the 'Court Jester'."

Who has the best nickname on the team?
"Jessica Kagarise, Keg for short."

What goes through your mind before you serve?
"Oh God, please let this go in so Coach doesn't kill me!"

Would you rather play in something other than spandex?
"Well it was a close tie between spandex or tutu's but spandex won out in the end. Plus I think spandex are what keeps attracting our male audience."

If you could play another position what would it be and why?
"I would have to say outside hitter. Anything other than defense so I wouldn't have to worry about taking 100 mph hits to the face and getting knocked out by other hitters."

Have you ever tried hitting left-handed or do you wish you were left-handed?
"Being left-handed would definitely make me more versatile which would help, but when I try hitting left-handed being a righty, it's the most un-coordinated, un-athletic thing you could imagine. I think I'll just stick to hitting with my right hand for now."

What are your pre-game rituals?
"Recently, it's become listening to Dani Bedore's rap music she has on her ipod. Don't really have much other choice cause she blares it through the speakers we have in the locker room."

When you throw away a piece of paper do you bump, set, and spike it in the trash can?
"Absolutely! That's how I became a good volleyball player in the first place. It wasn't the countless hours I spent in the gym doing footwork, play sets, or getting reps; it was pass, set and hitting different objects into the trash. It has helped my accuracy, eye focus, and coordination improve vastly."

What's your favorite winter activity?
"Definitely snow ball fights. I love it when somebody is walking ahead of me that I don't know. They're always so innocently unaware that I'm behind them and am about to bring a heavily packed snowball to the back of their head."

If you could add something to the sport of volleyball what would it be? (i.e. higher nets, paintball guns, trampolines)
"I would without a doubt say trampolines. They would make hitting so much more fun and having a smaller vertical would no longer be a problem. Plus it would make it a lot easier to give facials to the other team's defense."

Have you ever tried a pancake dive in your house to save something from breaking?
"I actually have. My friend got flowers one day from her boyfriend and when she came home after practice carrying her backpack and a lot of other junk in her arms, she turned around and knocked the vase off the table. I dove for the glass vase like going for a pancake and luckily saved it from shattering into millions of pieces. Good thing we spend so much time practicing those."

What is your least favorite practice drill?
"Partner alley. The point of this drill is to improve defensive skills by diving in every direction possible and trying to hold out until Coach blows the whistle. Secretly our team has made the drill about who can get the best bruises that cover our hips."