Volleyball Wins Sooner Invitational

Sept. 13, 1999


Wyoming at Sooner Invitational Tournament

(Wichita St., Arkansas - Little Rock, Oklahoma)

Wyoming vs. Wichita State - Wyoming 3-2 - Box Score

Wyoming vs. Arkansas-Little Rock - Wyoming 3-2 - Box Score

Wyoming vs. Oklahoma - Wyoming 3-0 - Box Score

The Wyoming Cowgirls went 3-0 over the weekend at the SoonerInvitational in Norman, Oklahoma. They defeated the Wichita StateShockers and Arkansas Little Rock in five, and the host Sooners inthree. Wyoming is now 5-3 overall, and will play the Colorado Buffaloeson Tuesday night before heading for two matches in Pittsburgh over theweekend. Wyoming was led by junior middle blocker Melody Friehauf, whofinished the weekend up with 57 kills, six block solos, 12 block assistsand hit a combined .454. She also had a career high 21 kills againstArkansas Little Rock.

In the first match of thetournament, the Cowgirls faced the Wichita State Shockers. The Cowgirlswould jump out to an early lead going up two games to none. But, theShockers would come back winning the next two games 15-9, 15-3 to forcea game five. In game five, the Cowgirls led the entire time winning thegame 15-12 and the match 3-2. They were led by junior middle blockerMelody Friehauf, who had 18 kills and hit .324.

In the second match ofthe Sooner Invitational, the Cowgirls went five games again bydefeating the Arkansas Little Rock Trojans. After falling behind 0-2 inthe match, they would fight back winning the next three games 16-14,15-9, 17-15 to win the match 3-2. The Cowgirls were led by Jamie Burke,who had a career high 24 kills and 18 digs. Melody Friehauf also added acareer high 21 kills in the match.

In the final match for the Cowgirlsthey faced the Oklahoma Sooners. They would defeat the Sooners 3-0 towin the Sooner Invitational. Wyoming was led by Melody Friehauf, JamieBurke and Molly Scavuzzo. Friehauf was also named the MVP of thetournament, and junior Jamie Burke was named to the All-Tournament team.

Quotes from head volleyball coach Susan Judge-Sept. 10-11

Against Wichita State ?I'm certainly pleased about our comeback, after we had give themomentum to Wichita State, it was very admirable for us to fight backand win. However we've got to quite putting ourselves in a deficit, andhaving to fight back point by point. We need to come out and beaggressive from the first point, and show the other team that we'retalented and superior. Hopefully our blocking will get back and trackand improve going into the next match.?

Against Arkansas Little Rock ?Once again, I have to credit the character of our team to comebackafter being down 0-2 and win the match in five games. It's not aposition a coaches like to be in, and we need to come out and be moreaggressive. Our outside hitters had a really good match. Michele Kellerand Jamie Burke finished the match strong, and middle blocker MelodyFriehauf continues to lead us in several offensive categories. Hopefullythis win will build upon our confidence and help us with a very toughopponent in Oklahoma.?

Against Oklahoma ?I have to say that this was by far our best performance. We came outcalm, cool and collected with nothing but confidence, and this iscertainly a phenomenal way to end the tournament. It's a great way toend the weekend, especially going into a difficult travel week withColorado on Tuesday, and then heading back east on Friday. Our goal wasto come in here and improve our game as a team and I felt like we didthat, and as a result of that was winning three matches. Melody(Friehauf), Jamie (Burke), and Molly (Scavuzzo) had fantastic matchesthis weekend, and I'm impressed with how they have stepped up andplayed. This is really a great step towards were we want to be.?