Cowgirl Volleyball Faces Another Ranked Opponent

Sept. 23, 2000

LARAMIE, Wyo. - WYOMING vs. Loyola Marymount - Loyola Marymount 3-0 - Box Score

For the third consecutive match,the Wyoming Cowgirl Volleyball Team faced a Top 25 opponent. TheCowgirls fell to the 22nd ranked, Loyola-Marymount Lions, 15-3, 15-12,15-6 to close out the Golden Dome Invitational on Saturday night.

The Cowgirls struggles to score points throughout game one. Despiteshowing some strong hitting, they could only manage to score threepoints to fall 15-3. They would rebound in the second game despitefalling behind 7-2. A 5-0 run by Loyola seemed to put the game out ofreach at 13-6, but the Cowgirls didn't give up scoring six unanswered.That's as close as it would get, and the Lions would take the 2-0 leadin the match. Game three started very similar to the previous two, withWyoming falling behind. Loyola-Marymount was just too tough, as theytook the game 15-6 and the match 3-0.

Overall, the Cowgirls hit .211 as a team and finished with ten totalteam blocks. Senior Jamie Burke led the way for the Cowgirls with 11kills and six digs.

"This was unfortunately another disappointing performance tonight,"said head coach Susan Judge. "We showed that we can compete with teamslike the ones we faced this weekend, but only at moments. Those momentsbuild confidence, so we are able to create some opportunities and puttogether a solid performance. We haven't been able to do that, andthat's why it's so disappointing. Somehow we need to find a way tocomeout and take over a match instead of always digging ourselves out ofa hole. Hopefully, we can have some good practices this week, andprepare for two tough opponents in Utah and BYU."

The Cowgirls are now 6-10 overall and 0-1 in the MWC. They will hostUtah and Brigham Young next week. It will mark the fourth and fifthgames in a row that the Cowgirls will have faced a ranked opponent. TheUtes are currently 18th and the Cougars are 15th.