Student-Athlete of the Week

October 15, 2012

Athlete of the Week

Reese Plante

We have two home games this weekend. What are your personal goals and expectations against Air Force and Boise State?

Personally, for every game my goal is just to give everything my absolute best effort. If I come out knowing that I gave it my all, I will be satisfied. Both teams always give us a fight, but if our team stays aggressive and plays confident I know we will come out with two wins.

You're married to track and field athlete Joe Plante. How do you go about juggling your two busy schedules as student-athletes?

It's definitely tough! Sometimes we hardly get to see each other, but we knew that getting married as student-athletes we would have to juggle busy schedules. Even if all we get to do together is homework, we value every minute and make it count. He's my best friend and an awesome supporter!

How does it affect your play knowing that your husband is watching from the student section at all the home matches?

I think it's great. He is my biggest fan and I love looking over at him after a big play and seeing him give me a big smile and thumbs up. I am so blessed that he gets to watch me so much!

Although you grew up in Fort Collins, you have brown and gold roots as your parents and uncle played at Wyoming. When did you know you wanted to play for the Cowgirls?

Honestly, growing up I always wanted to play sports in college, but it always seemed like a dream that would never come true. I wanted to be just like my Mom no matter where I played, and when Wyoming contacted me it was just the finishing piece to the puzzle. It's awesome to be able to continue the legacy that my family started here at UW.

What do you like most about your position as a middle blocker?

I love that I get the opportunity to block every ball. Blocking is so much fun and is definitely one of my favorite parts of volleyball. I also love being able to hit quick sets and slides (behind the setter).

When did you start playing volleyball and decide to pursue it over other sports?

I started playing volleyball in 7th grade. I had always enjoyed soccer, basketball and swimming, but didn't really want to play volleyball at the time, so my parents made me try out! It's funny how it all worked out, but I'm very happy that they did. My sophomore year I started club and decided to stop playing basketball to focus on volleyball.

Which direction would you like to take in the field of graphic design/marketing?

I am not really sure specifically what I want to do, maybe start off at a design firm (advertising, branding etc.) to get my name out there and then eventually own my own business from home. I also think it would be cool to work with design in athletics at a university.

What is your favorite restaurant?

My two all-time favorite places to eat are Jimmy John's and Qdoba.

Do you have any superstitions when it comes to volleyball?

I'm really not superstitious at all. Before every game I do a special "handshake" with Camille and with Erin, but that's more just for fun. During the national anthem I say a prayer.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Honestly, I don't have a lot of free time, but when my homework is done I enjoy hanging out with my husband and playing with our dog.

Who is your role model?

Jesus Christ. I play for an audience of one!