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Thank you for your support of the University of Wyoming. Men's and women's basketball season ticket holders from 2013-14 will have the first opportunity to select season tickets in the newly renovated Arena-Auditorium. The Arena-Auditorium seat selection times begin in mid-June. Selection times will be determined by the individual season ticket holders' Poke Priority Point ranking.

Customers will be able to begin touring the site on June 16th. All selection methods will utilize the same online seat selection tool. We recommend that fans familiarize themselves with the seat selection site prior to your selection time. Please tour the selection site by clicking on the link above and logging-in using your username and password.

If you have any questions, please contact the Wyoming Athletics Ticket Office at 877-WYO-FAN1 or by email at

AA Reseat Frequently Asked Question's

Question: I want to sit in the same seat after the renovation is complete. Can I sit in the same seat? Expand
  • Answer: After the renovation is complete there will be improved seating options for season ticket holders. Current seat locations will no longer exist. Our most loyal fans have had the same seats for 30 years and with the renovations enhanced seating with better sightlines will be available to Cowboy and Cowgirl basketball fans. 18 inch plastic seats will be replaced with 22 inch cushioned chair backs that will include a cup holder! Current season ticket holders will have the opportunity to select new seats before season tickets go on sale to the general public.

Question: When is the reseating process taking place? Expand
  • Answer: The AA renovation will begin immediately after the last Wyoming regular season home basketball game. Current season ticket holders' priority points as of March 31st, 2014 will determine the selection order. Your appointment times will be communicated to you via email and mail in May. Selection appointments will begin with our season ticket holders with the highest priority point rank beginning in mid-June and continuing through July. New season tickets in the newly renovated AA will go on-sale August 1st, 2014.

Question: How do I earn priority points and how is my priority point ranking determined? Expand
  • Answer: The Poke Priority Point system rewards an annual season ticket purchase, cumulative season ticket purchases, annual contributions, cumulative contributions and referrals. Season ticket and donor ticket loyalty are the two primary components of the priority point system designed to reward our most loyal fans. You can call the Cowboy Joe Club office or log-in to your account on DonorNet to see your priority point balance. For the purpose of the reseating process we will also be awarding a five point bonus for every year that a season ticket holder has had tickets. For example, season ticket holders for 30 years will receive 150 bonus priority points. 150 points is the equivalent of making a $15,000 donation.

Question: Can I sit next to the people who we have become friends with over the last several years of watching Wyoming basketball? Expand
  • Answer: You may select any available seats at the time of your selection appointment. If your friends have a later appointment time, you may wait until their selection time to coordinate sections/rows with them, however, you risk desirable and available seats being selected while you wait for their appointment time.

Question: If I am a current Cowboy Joe Club member, do I need to make an additional donation for my basketball season tickets? Expand
  • Answer: No. Minimum donation requirements are not in addition for season tickets as long as you are meeting the minimum donation requirement.

    Example 1: If you are a member of the CJC at the $500 level, you would be able to purchase 2 season tickets for men's basketball in the premium sections that require a $250 per seat donation. You would already have met the minimum donation requirement to purchase women's basketball season tickets (Minimum donation requirement for WBB is $100 per account). You DO NOT need to pay the $500 minimum donation for men's basketball AND the $100 minimum donation for women's basketball. This applies to football season ticket holders who donate to the Cowboy Joe Club as well.

    Example 2: If you currently donate $500 to CJC, in order to receive premium seating and/or parking benefits, your current $500 level allows you the opportunity to purchase men's basketball season seats in the premium area or 4 seats in other areas of the lower bowl. You will still receive all other benefits associated with being a $500-level member of the Cowboy Joe Club.

    Example 3: If you currently donate $100 to CJC, you would meet the minimum giving requirements to purchase up to six Cowgirl basketball season tickets. If you want to purchase two men's basketball season tickets in the $125 per seat area, you would need to donate an additional $150 to purchase those seats.

Question: The Arena Auditorium has great history, why are you renovating it? Expand
  • Answer: The newly renovated Arena Auditorium will provide an improved experience and meet the needs of the three most important groups of people to UW Athletics: 1) Our student-athletes, 2) UW students, and 3) OUR FANS!

    Student-athletes: The renovations will improve the experience for our student-athletes as training room, locker-room and team rooms will be brought up to the standards of NCAA athletics. Also, with an expanded practice area our coaching staff can better meet the needs for training and practice time. UW Students: Shifting the student section to floor level and behind the visitor's bench will create a greater home court atmosphere that engages our UW students and enhances their fan experience. There will be an additional 300 standing room only seats available to our members of UW's most fanatic student group, the Wild Bunch.

    OUR FANS: As stated earlier, fans will enjoy wider, padded chair back seats. With an enhanced sound and lighting system, fans will have an improved experience every time they visit the AA. There will be two video boards in the new arena, allowing a video board to be visible from every seat in the house. Each video board will be more than twice the size of the current video system in the arena.

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