A computer lab in the RAC.

A study area in the RAC.

UW student-athletes utilizing the RAC facilities.

A computer lab in the RAC.

The Office of Academic Support (OAS) is a 4,470 square foot facility devoted entirely to the academic success of student-athletes at the University of Wyoming. Housed within the Rochelle Athletics Center and situated in East Campus, the OAS is easily accessible to student-athletes, coaches, and administrators.

The OAS was completed in August of 2001, and boasts several state of the art facilities to meet the needs of over 350 student-athletes. These facilities include:

• Quiet study area equipped with 42 internet connected student computers, printer access, and individual study carrels

• Group study area containing 5 group study tables with white board access for tutoring, mentoring, and group learning

• Resource area containing a number of books from different subjects as well as information about different support services and academic departments

• 2 individual study rooms for tutoring, mentoring and/or group study

• 6 Academic Coordinator's offices that provide staff availability for student-athletes during all hours of OAS operation

• 46 inch wall mounted television that continuously broadcasts campus events, athletics information, diversity training, and academic updates

• Study Hall monitoring software, with student ID card reader for easy hour tracking

• Lounge area with 2 soft backed chairs and table for relaxed reading/studying environment

• 12 wireless internet capable laptops available for student check out (for student-athlete travel)

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