Academic Support Services

Academic Advising: All student-athletes have a designated Academic Coordinator to guide them toward developing educational and career objectives. Each Academic Coordinator works closely with the student and campus resources to provide the student with every opportunity to succeed at the University of Wyoming.

Tutoring: Tutoring services are available to all University of Wyoming student-athletes at no cost. With the combination of the tutors available in the Office of Academic Support and those available through other campus resources, students have every opportunity to succeed academically. To find a tutor, contact your academic coordinator through the staff link at the top of this page.

Study Hall: The Office of Academic Support provides the study hall program for the student-athletes. The goal of the program is to provide a structured study environment for the students. Students use the study area within the center, which includes 20 study carrels, and the WAR room next door that provides a large open space for studying.

Computer Lab: The student-athletes at the University of Wyoming have access to a computer lab available solely for student-athletes. The lab housed within the Office of Academic Support includes 42 computers for student use.

Tutor Rooms: The Office of Academic Support has two tutor rooms that include a grease board, table for studying and a computer for research.

Resource Library: The resource room provides a collection of reference materials available to student-athletes. Resources range from departmental/campus materials to text books.

Priority Registration: Each academic term, student-athletes register on the first day of registration for the student body. This gives the students the opportunity to schedule courses around athletic commitments.

Athletic Eligibility Monitoring: The Office of Academic Support staff works with the Faculty Athletic Representative, Registrar, and Eligibility/Compliance Specialist to monitor the student-athlete's athletic eligibility in accordance with University, Mountain West Conference and NCAA requirements.

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