Women's Basketball

January 19, 2005

Diary Entries:
11/9: Erin Hicks
11/17: Erin Hicks
11/25: Erin Hicks
12/1: Dominique Sisk
12/14: Dominique Sisk
1/11: Jodi Bolerjack
1/19: Amy Bolerjack
2/17: Michelle Taylor
3/8: Ashley Elliott

Things are really starting to get exciting now that conference play has begun. We just got back from a four-day road trip to BYU and Utah. The game against BYU was very competitive. BYU would make runs and we answered all those runs. It was truly a great win and a team effort. After the game all the girls were excited and we all celebrated the win.

It is nice to be playing at home tomorrow. It seems like forever since we have been at home. I know that everyone is happy to be at home again. What's really exciting is my Grandma is coming out to see the game against UNLV. This is the first time she has been out to Wyoming. It will also be nice to have our fans there too. When you play at home there is just so much more momentum because you have a big crowd cheering for you.

We also just started classes up again. I am glad that classes have started again. This semester I am taking accounting and I really love it. All of my teachers are being very supportive of basketball. They know that I am going to miss a lot of class and are giving me assignments ahead of time. I am now actually ahead in some of my classes. It is a lot less stressful to be ahead than behind.

Hope to see you at the Game
Amy Bolerjack

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