Women's Volleyball

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  • November 9, 2005
  • November 1, 2005
  • October 24, 2005
  • October 13, 2005
  • October 6, 2005
  • September 26, 2005
  • September 21, 2005
  • September 15, 2005
  • August 30, 2005
  • August 25, 2005


To our Amazing Cowgirl Volleyball Fans,

We had two outstanding matches November 4th, and 5th. Friday night we played the San Diego Aztecs and beat them in three games! Our team had great composure. Everyone contributed enormously whether it was a pass, set, hit, dig, block or serve. The team really came together to stop the Aztecs in their tracks.

Saturday night we played the UNLV Rebels and won in four games. UNLV is a good team but we out played them. Our team has a lot of athletic ability and desire. We won that match by doing things right out on the court. Staying disciplined helped our team streak points and side out when needed.

This weekend we play two good teams, Utah and BYU. We play pretty well on road trips, so I am excited to see how we do. The season is coming close to an end but we are still fighting and still playing hard. I wish to see all our fans at our last three home matches the following week. Thank you again for your support of the Wyoming Volleyball Team!

Michelle Weydert #2

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