'Poke Principles - Excellence, Pride, Tradition

Each year the University of Wyoming Athletics Department focuses on three guiding principles as its teams prepare to represent the state of Wyoming on and off the field of competition. Those three principles are Excellence, Pride, Tradition.

Fans will see those three words adorning signage in and around UW's Athletic facilities. Along with this commitment by UW coaches, student-athletes and athletic department staff to focus on these three principles, Cowboy and Cowgirl fans are asked to focus on Five Points of Poke Pride to help create an atmosphere of excellence at UW sporting events.

The Five Points of Poke Pride are:

  • 1. Wear Gold
  • 2. Arrive Early
  • 3. Know Ragtime Cowboy Joe
  • 4. Respect the Game
  • 5. Support UW Through Season Tickets and the Cowboy Joe Club

    Wear Gold -- You help create an atmosphere that shows your "Pride" for Wyoming Athletics and provides a visual display of support for the Cowboys and Cowgirls.

    Arrive Early -- When you arrive early you enjoy the overall experience of a gameday, including: pregame tailgating, Pepsi Tailgate Park, the Wyoming Athletics Legacy Wall and the Cowboy Walk, while at the same time helping avoid last minute rushes to find parking or to gain entrance to UW sporting venues.

    Know Ragtime Cowboy Joe -- It is one of the great "Traditions" of University of Wyoming Athletics and is one of the great fight songs in all of college sports.

    Respect the Game -- By showing respect for fellow Wyoming fans, opposing teams and their fans, and Cowboy and Cowgirl coaches and student-athletes you are respecting the game.

    Support UW Through Season Tickets and the Cowboy Joe Club -- By donating to the Cowboy Joe Club, you are directly assisting in the funding of student-athlete scholarships, and by purchasing season tickets you are helping provide the best facilities and resources for the Cowboys and Cowgirls to achieve "Excellence" in their respective sports and in their chosen fields of study.

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